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I admit, this has a very nice touch! I'm not sure if many people have seen this before or ever, but it deserves more views. The scene b...

I have to say, eye of truth. Everything you said in this review reflects not only the integrity of the franchise, the n...


I believe that this is a very good piece of the Bible, and you gave off a very good statement! Now, the 'angel of darkness' thing has d...

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


I'm looking for anyone to commission who's good with anime. Specifically, someone who can emulate Boku no Hero Academia's art style.

To anyone who responds to this, I'll tell you why.
You know what? I'm just gonna say it. 
Opinion 4 by SwordSparks

Opinion 1 by SwordSparks
That is all. Just wanted to get that out.
Wow. So...big news.

I'm gonna be moving soon. Yeah, my dad will be retiring from the Navy soon this year, so we'll be looking for a new place.

Man, things are really changing for me here.


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Would anyone be OK with me making NSFW art? 

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Seven Deadly Sins Meme

Sun Apr 22, 2018, 6:06 PM


Tagged and Stolen by :iconmustache-twirler:

1. Pick a selection of characters you have made; heroes, villains and neutrals.

2. Decide which of the deadly sins is most closely linked to each of your characters with an explanation as to why they are linked to them and they can be more than one sin as long as there is a chief sin with them as well.

3. No need to do this meme if you are tagged or tag anyone else if you don’t feel like it as the meme is free for anyone to use at any time.


1. Wrath - Yan

Yin Yang Yo OC - Yan by SwordSparks

One of the many OCs whose design I never got to fixing, damn it. Anyways, I don't remember if I gave his backstory, but frankly it goes like this:

Yan was just a baby when he was kidnapped by the Night Master's minions, Dank and Dire. They took him to the Night Master, where he took Yan straight to the Underworld and forced him to train since then. When Yan became 13, the Night Master sealed him away in a coffin and left him there until the day came where he would be summoned and vanquish all of the Night Master's enemies.

When Yan was finally awoken, he encountered Yin and Yang, challenging them to a battle and nearly destroying them. Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard then comes along and teleports them to a mysterious forest full of monsters, and they all team up together and escape alive.

The Woo Foo siblings then take Yan to Master Yo, where he reveals that Yan is the older brother of Yin and Yang. Yan then decides to switch over to the side of good, while practicing his powers of darkness to use them to protect his family.

I know. Sounds Mary Sue-ish. I made him when I was 13, so sue me. He's still my favorite OC of all. And it really sucks that I barely draw him at all. Probably because I longer have anything to do with the show since it ended.

So, here's the reason why Yan is cursed with the sin of Wrath; his personality is that he's easily irritable and aggressive, due to the darkness that he has within him. He is very short-tempered, and has no qualms beating the crap out of anyone, boy or girl. 

He doesn't take crap from anyone, and that's what I love about him. He's my self-insert OC. :aww:

2. Avarice (Greed) - Princess Royal

TAWoG OC - Princess Royal by SwordSparks

Another OC I've forgotten about.

Back when I was WAY into TAWOG, I made OCs for the show. But since I grew out of my tween phase, I've lost interest in her. That doesn't mean I'll get rid of her, though.

I've chosen Princess for avarice, since she loves being rich and popular. She's a total glory-hog who cares more about herself than anyone else. I don't really like any characters like that, but when I make them, I'm OK with it. Strange, isn't it?

3. Pride - Red Coral

Pearlsona - Coral by SwordSparks

One of my more recent OCs. Now, after looking into it, I actually don't know if red coral and pearl are the same or not, but I think I can work about that. 

Now for a little more about Coral here is that she believes that she is THE best Pearl in all of Homeworld. Since she was made solely for combat, whereas all other Pearls are just for servitude and such, she is much stronger and more suitable for being a servant. While she does care about her Diamond, Coral is definitely self-entitled to bragging rights.

4. Gluttony - Mischief

Boxing Day, Nerds! by SwordSparks

Now Mischief isn't really one to obsess over food and stuff like that. She's more into creating mayhem on a playful scale. But man, oh man, does she loves sweets. It's actually the only thing she even eats. Granted, sugar is where she gets her nutrients from, but even then, she likes to overdo it with sugar. Mischief always eats more than what she needs, and that's what makes her guilty of the sin of Gluttony.

5. Lust - Isabelle


Isabelle is very into her sexual life, wanting both man and woman. She definitely has a soft spot for attractive people, or at least anyone she sees as attractive. Vince Houndson is her definite #1 babe, but she isn't afraid of flirting with anyone. 

6. Sloth - Ivy

Total Drama: Ivy by SwordSparks

I've made a profile for her on another site, but that'll be for anyone that wants to see. 

I want to build more on her character, so I'm making her guilty of Sloth. She loves to laze around and sleep all day. She even sleeps like a quadruped animal every time, as well. Ivy's the brilliant, but lazy kind of person. 

7. Envy - Danica Hallwitzer

Danica by SwordSparks

And finally, there's jealousy.

Danica here has always kept to herself, but she's totally jealous of J.D. getting Monster's attention. In fact, she's pretty jealous of J.D. period. She wonders what it is about her that everyone in town loves, and how she can be like that. It's one of the few things that she dislikes.

OK, I finished this, and it took too long for me.

Anyone who feels like doing this, be my guest.

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